Patrons of Design

Patrons of Design

Do good by supporting good design

A’ Design Award & Competition invites brands from across the globe to support the World Design Patron initiative which aims to create a global awareness for good design practices and principles by promoting great design worldwide.

WDP Initiatve:

  • Design Statement
  • Good Design Pledge
  • WDP Logo
Patrons of Design

WDP Initative

Contribute to Design Culture Worldwide

The World Design Patron initiative is open to application of Enterprises, Individuals and Institutions worldwide. The World Design Patron initiative was launched to broaden the reach of ICCI – International Council of Creative Industries which is an A' Design Award Prime Club, in order to follow its mission of creating and maintaining educational events and incentives worldwide. Funds raised from this schema will be contributed towards the Ars Futura Cultura event to organize further conferences and meetings on design.

The World Design Patron initiative was designed to create opportunities for both the supporting institutions as well as the society in general. The ultimate aim is to rise necessary funds for organizing new design events such as conferences, symposiums and competitions that could bring together and push designers, artists and architects worldwide to come up with superior projects that could benefit mankind.

The World Design Patron initiative benefits:

  • Honorary Membership to ICCI
  • Profile and Logo Placement at ICCI website
  • Logo and Design Statement placement on PatronsOfDesign.Com website
  • World Design Patron logo that could be used as a part of your communications
  • Press Release regarding your institutions’ inclusion in the program
  • Sponsorship of a Young Designer to Join A’ Design Award & Competition
  • Complimentary Nomination ticket for your institution to enter a single work to A’ Design Award & Competition
  • Consideration for the World Design Prize
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Design Statement

How does your institution feel about design?

The design statement is an expression of your institutions’ view on the importance of good design practices and principles. We expect this statement to be 50-100 words long, i.e. a concise paragraph prepared by a senior designer or design team manager from your institution, it is like a brief design policy that also highlights the importance of design.

We will include your Design Statements at website as well as in your program participation press release. By collecting design statements from respected institutions, companies and individuals, we aim to provide guidelines for designers and brands worldwide to come up with better projects that could benefit society.

Some large enterprises already have design statements and whitepapers that reflect their views and approaches on design. If your brand already has such a statement, we would be glad to have it included in the so that more people could reach those.

Design Statement

  • 50 - 100 Words concise statement
  • Explains the role and importance of design for your institution
  • Can accompany an additional formal document
  • Prepare before application

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WDP Logo

Get the World Design Patron Logo

The World Design Patron Logo is graphic image that could be used to link to your profile and statement page at and it is a solid proof of your institution as a leader and luminary of design. Brands, individuals and institutions use this logo to position themselves as supporters of original design as well as benefactors of design events worldwide. Upon program acceptance, ICCI will send you your World Design Patron Logo and graphic symbol together with its application guidelines to help you integrate it to your communication.

World Design Patrons Logo & Graphics

  • High-Resolution and Vector format World Design Patron Logo
  • High-Resolution and Vector format Good Design Pledge Logo
  • High-Resolution and Vector format Patrons of Design Logo
  • WDP Graphic and Symbol Application Guidelines for All 3 Logos.
  • There are no yearly licensing fees, the WDP logos can be integrated to your campaigns and communications that are aligned with the goals of the initiative: to create awareness and support good design worldwide.

Good Design Pledge

Create social value by supporting good design.

Participants to the World Design Patron program are also suggested to support and implement the Good Design Pledge. Good Design Pledge is a way for companies, individuals and institutions to underline their commitment to good design practices and covers the following three key points. 1. Undertake programs and design events such as conferences, symposiums, corporate memos and meetings to educate your teams, coworkers or colleagues about Good Design with an emphasis on positive aspects on society, business and culture. 2. Provide public knowhow on what is good design by issuing Design Statements, whitepapers and by disseminating information on how to make the world a better, healthier and happier place through adaptation of innovative and sustainable design practices and technologies, for example what actions could be taken to generate innovation, what could be done to improve design culture and awareness worldwide. 3. Publicly declare your participation to this program as well as your intent of organizing events or programs so that we could include it in the Good Design Pledge website at

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The Patron

What does it mean to be a World Design Patron?

World Design Patrons are safe-harbors for design; they are brands, individuals and institutions that have a good understanding of design, and who are willing to work together and collaborate with designers worldwide in order to implement design thinking to solve complex solutions in efficient ways. World Design Patrons respect intellectual properties, you can share or discuss your design solutions with them. World Design Patrons are committed to advancing mankind by designing superior products and services that benefit society, they are luminaries of design. World Design Patrons undertake actions to help spread awareness for good design through organization or participation to events and by spread of knowhow. World Design Patrons do good through good design.

World Design Patrons

  • Committed to good design.
  • Organizes or supports design events and initatives.
  • Do good through good design.


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World Design Prize

An achievement for Outstanding contributions in Design

The World Design Prize is an annual international award bestowed to institutions, brands as well as individuals in recognition of advancing and promoting the design field. Each recipient or laureate receives a medal, a diploma as well as a press campaign celebrating the occasion.

World Design Patrons are automatically nominated, and they can also suggest others to be considered for the award. Nominated individuals are voted during Ars Futura Cultura meetings where designers from across the globe come together to discuss policies and strategies for advancing the design discipline. The awards can be given to both institutions, companies as well as individuals.

The World Design Prize considers the achievements and contributions made within the last decade with an emphasis on the last two years. Brands, individuals and institutions who have supported or organized design initiatives including but not limited to design education initiatives, spread of design culture, teaching about intellectual property, national or international design awards and competitions, supporting designers, advancing arts and technology, design thinking sessions, design conferences, symposiums, publishing design content, creating design strategy proposals, offering scholarships for design or any other initiative that could create an awareness for design, good design practices or any other initiative that could improve the quality of life; for example by creation of outstanding products and services that make life easier are eligible for the World Design Prize consideration.

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Benefit from Design Initiatives

Are you a designer, artist or architect? Follow our publication and dissemination portals to get updated about new initiatives such as upcoming design events, conferences, symposiums, forums, design weeks, competitions, networking meetings and awards. Follow the Design Events Calendar to keep updated with major happenings, visit the Design Competition webpage to see a list of all active design awards, contests and competitions organized throughout the world, and head to Design Amid magazine where we constantly publish whitepapers and in-depth articles regarding design issues, practices and principles. Discover and get involved with other initiatives such as World Design Hub, World Design Days and the World Design Prize.

Explore and Enjoy

Major Initiatives


How to Apply to be a World Design Patron?

The World Design Patron initiative is open to all companies, individuals or institutions. The program aims to bring together like minded entities who are committed to innovation, design and technological advancement. Interested parties can apply to the World Design Patron initiative through A' Design Award & Competition website. Start your application now, become a World Design Patron and do good through good design. You will also be considered for World Design Prize.

Apply to become a World Design Patron

  • Prepare a concise 50 to 100 words design statement.
  • Consider following the Good Design Pledge
  • Fill and Submit Application
  • There is a fee for participation based on applicant type.


Patrons of Design


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Patrons of Design
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The World Design Patrons program is an initiative by A' Design Award & Competition & ICCI.