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Patrons of Design

Program Benefits

Do good by supporting good design

A’ Design Award & Competitions invites brands from across the globe to support the World Design Patron initiative which aims to create a global awareness for good design practices and principles by promoting great design worldwide.

The World Design Patron initiative benefits:

  • Honorary Membership to ICCI
  • Profile and Logo Placement at ICCI website
  • Logo and Design Statement placement on PatronsOfDesign.Com website
  • World Design Patron logo that could be used as a part of your communications
  • Press Release regarding your institutions’ inclusion in the program
  • Sponsorship of a Young Designer to Join A’ Design Award & Competition
  • Complimentary Nomination ticket for your institution to enter a single project to A’ Design Award & Competition
  • Consideration for the World Design Prize

WDP Program Funds will be used for:

  • Organization of Design Events such as Conferences, Competitions, Awards, Symposiums, Workshops
  • Publicity for Good Design in order to create a global awareness for best design practices and principles
  • Support of the Ars Futura Cultura event which brings designers from across the globe to discuss insights
  • Sponsoring young designers by helping their works and designs getting discovered, by creating opportunities

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Patrons of Design
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The World Design Patrons program is an initiative by A' Design Award & Competition & ICCI.